Thursday, August 25, 2011

fluorescent hum

Thankfully the inspiration for today's haiku didn't actually happen today. If you get migraines you'll surely understand why. If you don't, I hope the poem still works on some level:

fluorescent hum --
the room ripples
around the blind spot


Many thanks to my friend Noah Scalin, who featured "No more moon poems" on his Make Something 365 blog today. Noah's work is the inspiration behind my starting a daily haiku blog. After you take a look at Make Something 365, be sure to check out his original 365 project, Skull-a-day. Fantastic stuff. Thanks, Noah!


  1. Eesh, I do get migraines, light-induced too. This is all too familiar.

  2. Yeah - glad the haiku worked well enough to evoke the feeling, but sorry to have evoked it. :) Mine are usually exercise-induced. Thanks for reading!