Sunday, August 28, 2011

chorus of frogs

A couple of scenes from yardwork and gardening today seemed conducive to haiku, but I'm having trouble wrangling them into a suitable poem just now. One involved a neighborhood cat stalking birds and butterflies in our yard, and the other was a black widow spider scurrying out from the garden bed we were digging around in. The results so far are too cutesy or too melodramatic, respectively -- we'll see if anything comes of them later on.

For today, then, I'll share a haiku that was published in the most recent issue of the journal I help to edit, South by Southeast. Our next deadline is coming soon on Sept. 15th, so if you're interested in submitting your own haiku or ordering a copy of the magazine, pop on over to the link above for submission and subscription information.

In the meantime, this haiku of mine was published earlier this year in volume 18, no.2:



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