Thursday, October 20, 2011

subway mariachi

Margarite and I have been traveling so I put the blog posting on hold while we were away. Didn't stop the haiku writing, though, so now it's time to do some catching up.

We traveled to New York -- first to the city where we visited an old college friend of mine (who has also provided 2 guest haiku for the blog in the past). Then we went north to see friends near Poughkeepsie who greeted us with the news that they were getting married, now that the state would let them.

So it was an inspiring trip full of the unparalleled energies and beauties of 1). New York City, 2). seeing distant friends, 3). autumn in the Northeast, and 4). the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. Seriously -- do you have any idea how photogenic sheep are?

More importantly for the blog, at least, there was plenty of fresh fodder for haiku.

Here's a first version of one image from the city:

bouncing down the steps
the subway mariachi's
duct-taped guitar

What I wanted to capture in that version was the bounce in the musician's step as he descended into the subway. But it sounds too much like the guitar has been dropped and is tumbling down the stairs. I'll try re-working it to improve on that.

Here's another approach to the same figure with a different focus:

subway mariachi --
his guitar patched
with fraying duct tape

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