Friday, October 28, 2011

pool of broken glass, redux

In this previous post, I was unhappy with the repetition of the word "pool(s)" in such a short poem. How about some variations?:

pool of broken glass
the color of the sea
in tour brochures

pool of broken glass
the color of
screensaver seas

pool of broken glass
the color of

I like to let haiku stand alone without talking too much about specific scenes that inspired them. Sometimes extra description feels like cheating; sometimes it's because I want to let readers' interpretations be more open.

I hope that the image in these poems will remain evocative, but I also have to share the original sight that inspired it. It was a sculpture by 20th-century artist Robert Smithson that we saw recently at the Dia: Beacon art museum in Beacon, NY. The sculpture is called Map of Broken Glass: Atlantis, and its combination of lethality (giant shards of broken glass) and beautiful, inviting color was really effective. You can see it on the Dia: Beacon website here, although the photo doesn't do justice to the work's color.

Smithson is most famous for his larger Land Art works like Spiral Jetty, so it was interesting to see his sculptural work on a more intimate scale. Great use of materials and textures.

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