Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2

'No more moon poems' is part of a daily project I'm starting along with my friend Luke Payne. Luke is an uber-talented musician who was looking for a way to jack up his production and to become less self-conscious about putting his work out into the world. Inspired by another friend's book (thank you, Noah!), we agreed to help each other through a year of daily productivity. You can check out Luke's progress over at He'll be posting a new video of himself performing a different song every day. The guy is an amazing player and off to a great start with his blog-writing as well.

For my part, I'll be posting a haiku or other short bit of writing every day. Some of them will be brand-new that day, but not all of them -- I have 16 years'-worth of haiku to share. Even though I've never been the most prolific writer, they do add up over that many years.

The haiku here also won't all be polished. Perfectionism is one of the biggest obstacles to productivity, so here I'll often be adopting Anne Lamott's "shitty first draft" strategy. Sometimes I'll start with very rough ideas and go through the editing process visibly. I've been involved in haiku workshops for as many years as I've been writing them and have also helped to edit a small haiku journal for nearly as long, so hopefully the editing process can be as interesting as the finished haiku themselves. And I'm sure some of the ideas will never crystallize into anything worth keeping.

Well, enough of the blabbing. This is a haiku blog, after all. Today's is a one-liner. Haiku often hold 2 images up in delicate, resonant balance. Not this one -- this is just attempting to capture a single moment, purely:

bluebird     rockets     from the mailbox!

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