Monday, November 21, 2011

warm November night

I had to take a hiatus there for a couple of days as things got busy in other arenas. Mostly my work as blue bluer books -- publishing artists' books and making handmade journals.

Since you're here at a haiku blog you may be interested in my most recent artist's book, stitching speechless, which is based on a series of haiku by Stephen Addiss. You can learn more here and here.

But now we're getting back on track here at no more moon poems:

warm November night --
the crickets
give thanks


  1. a superb haiku Josh... here in Brisbane at the moment the crickets give thanks when it is a little cooler... seeming like it's going to be a really hot summer.

  2. Thank you. A week later and it's still warm and the crickets are still going -- we've had multiple days where our low temperatures are higher than the historical average high for a given date... Still, glad that winter (of a sort) is almost here. Best of luck weathering the summer.